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Thesis work @ IMT

Thesis work at IMT
It’s finally time to use the knowledge you acquired during your studies in an independent project. For many students this work is both the most challenging and the most exciting and fun part of the education. Here we have gathered information to help you with your thesis project. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact IMT's education administrator at studentservice@imt.liu.se

Proposal for thesis projects
IMT has a yearly recurring presentation day where companies, organizations and research groups can present suggestions for possible theses for students. Here you will find the presentations from the most recent occasion.

Procedures at startup

  • The regulations for the thesis project can be found on the study information page. Select your program and read under the tab “Common rules/Degree project”.
  • You can also find relevant information on LiTH's pages on thesis work (in Swedish).
  • The application for a thesis project is done digitally on LiTH's page
  • After applying, register for your thesis project in the student portal.
  • You must also fill out this form and submit it to the education administrator at IMT.
  • If the thesis is to be performed internally at IMT, you must also fill out this contact form and submit it to the education administrator.

Presentations at IMT are advertised on this site.


  • Presentation should normally take place during the term. Exceptions to this are made in consultation with the examiner, supervisor and education administrator.
  • The report must be approved by your examiner at least two weeks before the scheduled presentation. After the presentation, only minor adjustments should be made.
  • Contact your education administrator at least two weeks prior to scheduled presentation to receive ISRN number and advertising information.

After presentation

  • Within 10 working days after the presentation date, your report, which has been approved by the examiner, must be sent to the education administrator.
  • Within 10 working days you must also submit your reflection document to both the examiner and the education administrator.
  • Publish your approved report to the Linköping University Electronic Press publisher in DiVA according to this instruction.
  • Submit publishing agreement to the education administrator.

If you get sick, please fill in this form.


For more information contact:

Director of studies:
Marcus Larsson
email: marcus.larsson@liu.se
phone: 013-286751

Educational administrator:
Lena Wide
phone: 013-286775

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