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Education @ IMT

Student information

Pick up your graded exams at Student service (Campus US, Entry 71 or 65, floor 12). To make sure we are avaliable when you want to pick up your graded exam, contact studentservice@imt.liu.se. At Student service you can also get help to communicate complaints on the corrections of your exam.

LiU-cards for students

To gain access to IMT's premises, you need to contact the card manager at the department - Karoline Waltelius. Email your LiU ID and which room you need access to. Be sure to inform who is responsible for your presence at IMT.

Visit to IMT

On Thursday, March 12, the Department of Biomedical Technology invites to "open house" at. 15-17. During this time you have the opportunity to talk to teachers / researchers about

  • Biomedical Engineering program and its four profiles
  • profile Ymed in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering program, Y
  • profile Dmed in Computer Science and Engineering program, D

In addition, you will have the opportunity to see a few research topics being conducted and a pleasant talk / orientation in the subject of biomedical engineering.

For more information contact:

Director of studies:
Marcus Larsson
email: marcus.larsson@liu.se
phone: 013-286751

Educational administration:
email: studentservice@imt.liu.se
phone: 013-286775

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