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Education @ IMT

Student information

Pick up your graded exams at Student service (Campus US, Entry 71 or 65, floor 12). To make sure we are avaliable when you want to pick up your graded exam, contact studentservice@imt.liu.se. At Student service you can also get help to communicate complaints on the corrections of your exam.

LiU-cards for students

You must update your LiU-card for it to work at IMT premises. As we reside in the facilities Region Östergötland, the university's systems must work together with the Region's for your card to work. When you have updated your card it will be working by the following Friday. If the card still does not work, notify Student service your name, Social Security number and LiU-card number, and we'll help you.

For more information contact:

Director of studies:
Marcus Larsson
email: marcus.larsson@liu.se
phone: 013-286751

Educational administration:
email: studentservice@imt.liu.se
phone: 013-286775

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Last updated: 2019-10-18