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Ekonomistöd för IMT förändras 2020-01-01

Ekonomistöd för IMT


ELMA and DBSim – free software for patient-specific Deep Brain Stimulation simulations

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an established method for the disruption of pathological neural activity in disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and dystonia. It is a reversible alternative to destructive ablation techniques and instead uses high frequency neurologically jamming pulses from chronically implanted electrodes in the brain. Software for patient-specific simulations of the brain tissue affected by the DBS has been developed by the Neuroengineering group and has now been made publicly available for research and education purposes.

Time: 13.15

Location: IMT1

Contact: Johannes Johansson

The software is available for download, click here!


Nivedha Balakrishnan lägger fram sitt examensarbete

”Real Time Performance of Myoelectric Pattern Recognition & Conflicting Movements”

Examinator: Ingemar Fredriksson
Opponent: Stina Mauritzon
Handledare IMT: Martin Hultman
Handledare Integrum AB: Sonam Iqbal

Time: 09.00

Location: IMT2, plan 13

Contact: Ingemar Fredriksson

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